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Our Story
Connect, Engage and Encourage.

The real, authentic rawness of gathering together in a home, around a table has been lost. It is our passion to help restore this in our families and communities. Life is busy. Social media has put unrealistic pressures on how to gather, so we feel that our homes are not worthy of opening our doors to others. Yet, humans were created to gather together. To connect, engage and encourage. To inspire and enjoy each other’s company. There is something beautiful in coming together. Restoration is found in gathering–hope, peace, love and joy. We would like to extend an invitation for you to gather with us as we open our doors.

Turning a Vision into Reality

I am a people “gatherer” and love to throw parties. My heart is full when I have people sitting around our large dining room table or crowding my kitchen. I love listening to the chatter and laughter that fills my home and the conversations among friends and family.

I am a wife to my amazing and supportive husband and we have three lovely daughters who have grown into confident young women. We have lived in Rockford for over 20 years, most of them in an old farmhouse within walking distance of downtown. My favorite things to do are: exploring cities around the world, decorating my home and reading historical fiction.

I have a degree in art education and taught K-8 art for many years. I stepped away from teaching a few years ago and began a home décor business with my dad called Rusty Palette Co. I have always loved to create and feel the need to bring beauty and restoration into the space around me.

Kelly Tuit 
curator, dreamer, and founder of Gather-d.
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